SOLUS vs PETRUS again…

It was again a serious Merlot blind-test, in which – beside many international big-shot – two legendary wines – Masseto 2001 (this was once the 100 point wine in Wine Spectator) and Chateau Petrus 1998 also participated.
The tasting was done blind, with numbered samples (1-20). It was a quite high level tasting, the wines showed without extremes, in a wonderful way that from Merlot variety really special wines are born in the different part of the world.
Hereby we introduce the final points, which proved again, that the Hungarian wines – among them Solus – are in co-ordinative relation with the greatest prestige wines of the world.

1. Gere Attila, Solus 2003
2. Gere Attila, Solus 2002
3. Takler, Primarius 2007
4. Takler, Primarius 2008
5. Bock, Magnifico 2003
6. Château La Fleur-Pétrus, La Fleur Petrus 1998
7. Chateau Certan 2009
8. Tenuta Dell’Ornellaia, Masseto 2001
9. Bock, Magnifico 2006
10. Takler, Primarius 2006

It is a point of interest, that the Chateau Petrus (almost 880.000 Huf/bottle) from a private collection did not make it into the top 10.
Thank you, and congratulate for the excellent organization for the host, the team of Bock Winery.