Kopar Cuvée 2012 – Pre-booking

Hereby we inform you that today we start the pre-booking period of Kopar Cuvée 2012.

The preferential pre-booking lasts from 15th September to 15th October.

The emblematic flagship wine of GERE Winery can be booked from
– directly from the winery
– simple and quick in the webshop
– and at our partners

In the case of ordering 24 bottles we give 1 free bottle of Kopar Magnum (1,5l).
Preferential pre-booking price: 5800,-HUF/bottle
Price from 15th April 2016: 7950,- HUF/bottle
Pre-booking can be done only for 12 bottle units.

We issue an advance-money invoice of the pre-bookings, which is a certificate for receiving the wines in April 2016.

We send the final invoice with the wines.

If you have any questions, requests do not hesitate to contact us:

marketing@gere.hu, or borklub@gere.hu

Phone: 00 36 72 592-949 (weekdays 8-16h).

About the wine:

Extremely full, multiple fruitiness. Depth in its color, almost turning to black, with youthful reflexes. Sour cherry, raspberry, mulberry and minerality in its nose. Elegant, discrete barrel characteristics. Very rich and complex when tasting. The fruits are accompanied by some chocolate cinnamon and mild pepper. Despite its young age its shows a nice balance and well drinkable. The item has a long ageing potential.