St. Martin’s day new wine dinner with Attila Gere in Mandula

Hereby we introduce the menu of our new wine dinner of St. Martin’s day 2015:

Villányi goose snacks: smoked goose breast, goose rilette

Duck liver paté with must reduction and marinaded onion, with grape seed brioche

Chestnut cappuccino with goose crackling brittle and apple

Autumn roll with pumpkin and goose gizzard and hot plum sauce

Goose leg and goose chitterlings with boiled radicchio, beet and sweet potato

Goose leg dessert 2015

Goose-duck classics in the daily offer during November:

Goose vineyardist plate (smoked goose breast, filled goose neck, gooserillette, goose cracklings, grease with liver)

Flambed duck liver with apple and thyme

Goose soup with goose gorge pasta and goose neck paté

Goose leg with retro boiled cabbage and mashed potato with onion

Durther details and wines soon…

Music and wine dinner on each Saturdays.

  • 7th November: Pesti Zoli acoustic blues
  • 14th November: classic guitar music  night –  Tamás Straub
  • 21th November: classic guitar music  night –  Tamás Straub
  • 28th November: Pesti Zoli acoustic blues

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