The favorite recipes of Gere family for the summer

Wine and gastronomy are always walking in hand in hand. Especially in spring and summer we like to cook from the colorful fresh vegetables and fruits. We gladly match our wines to our favorite recipes. Frequently we add them to the meals which always flips up the dishes.

Fried goat cheese salad with Gere-style dressing – Olaszrizling 2015

Fresh and healthy, but we also like it because it is easy to make and excellent for any kind of summer lunch or supper. We cut our favorite vegetables – tomato, radish, cucumber. In our garden spring onion just sprouts and the fresh common lettuce. Prepare a quick dressing, which includes grape seed oil and verjus at us, with a little salt and pepper. Souse the goat cheese with the grape seed oil and we roast both sides of it in a saucepan, until it gets color. We put it next to the salad. Olaszrizling is perfect with it with its fruity, green spicy marks.

Tagliatelle with grape tomato and fried shrimp– Rosé Cuvée 2015

This Italian-style pasta dish can be prepared quickly. Toast the garlic cut into small pieces on olive oil in a saucepan, then add the fresh shrimp. Add salt, pepper and fry it for some minutes, then add grape tomato cut in half until they soften, but not turned into sauce. We pick the green spices from the garden: basil or oregano. Mix the boiled tagliatelle with the tomato-shrimp sauce and – if we haven’t done it before – we can open the ice cold rosé for it.

Duck breast with zucchini crisp – Portugieser 2015

After the whole day vineyard and cellar work a richer meal comes good. Heat an empty saucepan and then cook the salted, peppered duck breast for 4-6 minutes with the skinny side down. Then turn it over and toast the other side for 2-3 minutes. Then put it into a oven pan, add some segment of full garlic, some fresh thyme, then souse it with its own grease, and 1 dl of Portugieser. Until the duck is in the oven, we can prepare the zucchini crisp. File the zucchini, salt it, then leave it for 10 minutes, then squeeze out its liquid. Add a whole, slightly whipped egg, some spoon of flour to hold it together, a segment of mashed garlic, parsley and mint cut into little, then salt and pepper. In the saucepan, on the grease of the duck breast we cook it crispy on both sides. Naturally, a glass of Portugieser comes with it.

Andrea Gere