Konkoly slope

Our nicest Cabernet Franc wines are made from Konkoly slope on Fekete-hill facing to Nagyharsány. We took back this area from the forest, acacia grove with a lot of work, that finally we were able to harvest from it in 2001 again.

The area with 25 hectares almost totally belongs to us. It got its name after a family farmed here. Unfortunately it was the victim of the large-scale farming: for almost 40 years it was left barren. Acacia and forest covered it.  The area was recreated, the forest was cut, the vine was replanted. Gigantic earthworks happened on this area, since we found only forest on the site of the old vineyards. We started the works in 1998, and the first harvest happened in 2001.

The location is south-west, high (240-250m) and steep, with cooler climate, so the grapes ripe later. But the wines born here have intense fruit scent and taste. It is covered by loess rich in limestone, which creates deep soil layer, so its water balance is excellent. It is safe due to the high location, no need to worry about frost.

This is the best growing site of our Cabernet Franc, but the basic material of the flagship wine of the winery – Kopar Cuvée  – partly also originates from here. Other varieties here: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Portugieser.

Gere Attila