A spring outlook

Although we were not bored during the winter, we await spring each year just like you. We start the work in the vineyards, we taste the wines resting in the cellars, and compile our great red wines. We prepare for the spring events and we celebrate this year an important anniversary: Kopar will be 20.

We choose and blend wines

This time in the cellar the choosing, blending and bottling of the wines happen. During the spring we taste and compile the 2015 vintage great red wines.  Before we take out the samples from the barrels in March, we taste all that we have to choose among the best. This time the family sit together and along with Balázs Forgács oenologist we taste. Then we decide what should we do with the certain wines. First we always choose for Attila Cuvée, then for Solus, Kopar, and Villányi Franc. We taste several times, not in the cellar, but in the tasting hall, where the drinking temperature is better, since the cellar cold wines show different characteristics.

The hardest task is to figure out the best blending ratios – it can take even 2 months. Not easy to taste these fresh, great wines, because the tannin is so intense in them, that we can not check more than 20-25 wines per day.

New wines for spring

We start the row of the new red wines with Portugieser. 2016 vintage is fresh and light, this is the wine, which we can make popularity for dry red wines. Nice fruity tastes, low tannin, and milder acids can be tasted. Kind wine, which you do not have to think much about. Perfect choice for talks with friends.

Syrah is one of my favorite varieties.  Gives amazing wines from Konkoly-slope, and can show the terroir nicely. Beside of spiciness and fruitiness, mineral characteristics, and the aromas of the longer barrel ageing also can be found in the wine. 2015 vintage of syrah is excellent sample of this extraordinary year.


Recently we started and now after a short pause we restarted those wine evenings which will be in Mandula Restaurant. We invite guest wine makers for these wine tasting. In the next event Frigyes Bott will visit us from Muzsla and brings his fantastic wines to us.

On VinCE Budapest, between 17-19th March, we will be among the exhibitors. This is the wine row what you can taste at our table: Frici Fehér 2016, Portugieser 2015 és 2016, Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Tinta (Tempranillo) 2009, Villányi Franc 2013, Solus 2011.

I run forward a little, but I have to say something about the VI. Gere Jazz Festival, which will be in the summer. We are looking forward to it greatly. In each year we try to set up a topic around the music program. There were the style of the 20’s, 30’s, last year it was a Latin fiesta. This year we evoke the Mediterranean, south-French atmosphere, which will be shown in the decoration, in the courses made by the team of Mandula restaurant, and the main attraction will be French. Our family likes the South-Rhone area wines very much, which are near to that wine taste, which we like. So it is sure that there will be lot of Syrah bottles opened on these 2 days.

Kopar pre-booking

Hard to believe, but Kopar is 20 years old this year. The 2013 vintage’s character is a little different from the previous. 2012 was hotter year, the wines were fuller and harder. 2013 turned to be more balanced, there was enough sunshine and rain too. In the wines not the great, robust body will be dominant, but the fruity tastes. All those who buy the new vintage of Kopar can expect a stratified, complex and rich item even in this young stage. The pre booking period will be between 15th April to 15th May.

Gere Andrea