Gere wines updated

A brand new look is introduced for the Gere wines heralding the next chapter in the winery’s the three decade long history. The name has also changed: the labels will indicate “A. Gere” referring both to the founder Attila Gere and his children Andrea and Attila. Beyond the changes in packaging the product structure has also been updated making it more streamlined. The motivation for the changes at the winery, spanning seven generations, was to create a distinctive image that while retaining the family business character is able to represent the quality of the wines and meet long-term market standards both domestically and internationally.

The Gere Winery has started a new chapter in its three decade history: the image has been thoroughly updated. All elements are affected including labels, wrapping materials and even the name itself. In the future the name you will find on the labels is “A. Gere”. In the words of the winemaker Attila Gere: “This is a winery spanning seven generations in our family and this living tradition is markedly shown by the fact that both my daughter Andrea and my son Attila are actively participating in the operation of the winery. The new name is a testimony to this fact referring to both my name and theirs.”

The founders have long been contemplating the idea that the brand which until now was evolving organically in line with the options and concepts available at any given time should be built in a more consciously designed way. In order to achieve this they have hired the brand expert Zsolt Unger and his team and they have contributed not only by designing the new image but also by participating in the development of the product strategy and structure.

Following their suggestions the product range consisting of 17 wines was restructured: it has become more consistent and with the merger of the Weninger & Gere brand it is also simpler now. (It’s important to notice that this change does not affect the business ties and the friendship between the Gere Winery and Franz Weninger and his family.) The wine categories (basic, mid and premium) are now easier to tell apart as the differencies in their presentations are more clear-cut than before.

“We are a family winery, we work with passion and care but at the same time our wines represent consistent, reliably high standards and are available to the widest range of customers. This has to be based on professional attitude and foresight, which in turn enables us to produce internationally acclaimed wines. It is important to us that the image of our wines and our winery should reflect this attitude”, says Attila Gere.

However the changes will not be immediately visible as the introduction of the new labels is connected to the upcoming vintages. Presumably it will take six months for the complete range to be updated and made available nationwide.