Franc&Franc Forum

Villányi wine region organizes the summit of Cabernet Francs in Villány 5th time now.  This year the Forum will be held on 22nd November, Friday, 9.30 AM. This time the topic will be: Franc&Franc – Terroir, Vineyards & Vintages. The presenters will be prestigious Hungarian and foreign professionals. The usual TOP12 preview will be held too from classicus, premium and super premium Villányi cabernet franc wines. One of the special experiences of the Forum will be the tasting of museal Villányi Francs. 

Terroir, Vineyards & Vintages

The venue of the Forum will be the conference hall of Bock Winery, Villány. In the focus of the Forum – same as in the previous years – Cabernet Franc variety and the wines from it will be presented. This year’s topic is about the role of the terroir, surveying the vineyards and the presenters will concern the importance of the vintages too. First place the better and deeper initiation of Villány region is the main target. It will be placed into international context with the performance and speeches of acknowledged Hungarian and foreign professionals.

The selection of Villány wines are made by a professional jury in each year. In this year 3 classicus, 6 premium and 3 super premium wines were recommended to introduce on the Forum:


• Szemes Cellar Cabernet Franc 2018
• Bakonyi Péter Cellar Cabernet Franc Siklós 2017
• Lelovits Tamás Winery Cabernet Franc 2017


• Gere Attila Winery Villányi Franc Csillagvölgy-dűlő 2017
• Heumann Winery Trinitás Villányi Franc 2016
• Riczu Tamás Winery Villányi Franc 2016
• Ruppert Wine House Villányi Franc 2015
• Sauska Villányi Franc 2015
• Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery Villányi Franc Várerdő-dűlő 2012

super premium

• Vylyan Winery Mandolás 2016
• Csányi Winery Teleki Tradíció 1881 Villányi Franc – Kopár 2015
• Mokos Winery Villányi Franc 2015

As the closure of the Forum an amazing tasting row will be presented: 6 museal items from Villány. With the professional introduction of András Horkay the following wines will evoke some vintages of the past decades:

• Vylyan Winery Cabernet Franc 2008
• Polgár Winery Cabernet Franc Barrique – Family Selection 2007
• Weninger & Gere Winery Cabernet Franc Selection 2006
• Csányi Winery Chateau Teleki Villány – Villányi Cabernet Franc 2002
• Tiffán Ede Winery Cabernet Franc 1999
• Bock Winery Villányi Cabernet Franc 1993

Beside of the 150 professional members of the Forum 40 wine lovers can also attend to the event. Price of the tickets: 19.900 HUF Tickets are available on: