Hungarian cosmetics from Switzerland – Grapelove

Grape seed materials from Villány, Swiss product development and production. The cosmetic products of Andrea Gere – GRAPELOVE – shows a new way in cosmetology. 

As the member of the 7th generation wine maker family, the everyday of Andrea Gere was determined by viticulture and wine making since her childhood. She experienced the beneficial skin effects of grape during a travel in Spain and she started to apply it in the beauty shop of the hotel attached to the Gere estate.

Thanks to the several years of research and development works the own grape seed oil and grape seed micro grist of the family were made. This way the most important basic materials were given for the own cosmetic products. The product development was completed by one of the most professional Swiss laboratory known worldwide. They could guarantee the highest, world class, compromise free quality accustomed at Gere winery. The main task of the laboratory was to create such creams in which the exceptional characteristics of the organic grape seed and newest results of the cosmetical stem cell research meet. In GRAPELOVE products the maximal commitment for quality prevails. All this actualize Andrea’s old dream about the grape based cosmetics made up of own materials. The frequent application of these means an effective investment for the skin.

After 3 years of attentive and continuous Swiss development and testing, several samples and experiments the cosmetic family consists of 5 items was born. These ensure such premium quality and effect which are worthy for the brand of ANDREA GERE SKIN CARE. The main active ingredients of the GRAPELOVE cosmetic products are the most excellent basic materials: oil, extract and grist got from Gere organic grape seed and the blue grape stem cells derived in Switzerland with Swiss technology. These are supplemented by further specific and special active ingredients which all give the rich complexity of the products.

Each item – according to its category – exposes its effect adequately, in conscious order.