Bread with grape seed extract

Recently many started to bake bread and it is truly a wonderful thing to cut that freshly baked, scentful loaf what we made. Our chef – Peter Molnár – now shares the recipe of the bread made with grape seed extract. We encourage everybody to try since it is not only tasty and healthy, but for those who has already tasted it in Mandula restaurant, can bring back the well known tastes.


– 550 g BL55 flour
– 15 g salt
– 75 g grape seed extract
– 350 ml warm water
– 100 g home made ferment (or 25 g fresh yeast)

Mix the salt and the grape seed extract in the flour, add the ferment (or the yeast) and the warm water. Knead the pasta thoroughly until it becomes nice flexible and thick. Cover it and rest it in a warm place for an hour, then knead again, form and fold it. Heat up the over for 200 Celsius, during this our bread rest again. Put water into the over in a heat-proof pot to create steam, then bake the bread – in floury cake tin for 20-25 minutes.