Chocolate and wine – new amazing materials and aromas

In the past we already had the chocolates with grape seed extract which we consumed in themselves or with wine. This year we thought about new, amazing basicmaterials and aromas and created those 3 produces which match the best to the wine portfolio of the winery. In the process of the selection the family and our head sommelier – Tamás Fröhlich -took part, so now we ask him about the project.

What are the tastes of the new chocolates?

Three new produces were made. One is a lyophilised raspberry dipped in white chocolate with basil, the second is a two layered black- and raspberry chocolate coated Sicilian almond with timur pepper twirled into grape seed extract and finally a pecan walnut with Maldon salt, Madagascar wild pepper, Manjar black chocolate, rolled in cocoa and grape seed powder.

Which wines match to each chocolate?

The 3 produces wish to show 3 important segments of the portfolio. Raspberry was made especially for Rosé Frici but can be an amazing match with classic rosé too. Almond is meant for the 2nd filled barrique wines: Járdovány, Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique, Syrah since in the case of these we bottle wines with fruit tone. We imagined the Pecan walnut especially for the top wines – for the Villányi Franc, Kopar, Solus, Attila line and for the items with riper notes. Naturally you can do experiments bravely to find out what tastes match the best.

What is the technique of the chocolate-wine tasting?

I think that in this matter there is place for subjectivity. To taste the chocolate and wine together can be an effective way. Personally I taste the wine first in itself. After it the chocolate – twice if needed – and if all of its taste appear I taste the wine again and wait what happens in my mouth. Do I receive more, will be the wine more, is there an additional experience, or rather it takes away and the new sip tastes not so well. This way I learnt all aromas separately and together too.

Where is it possible for the guests to buy and taste?

The chocolates remain separate produces in our selection but compared how it was these are much closer to us so we integrate some in the wine tastings. The chocolates will be available mainly directly from us, locally and through the webshop but our distributors dealing with the blue grape seed and skin extract are also interested so for example before Christmas they will appear on the shelves of DM and we have further plans…

It is not a secret that you worked together with ChocoMe again.

The main aim of chocoMeto manufacture constantly high quality chocolates which comply with the customer demands in all aspects. This requires supreme basic materials: this is why chocoMe uses the top level chocolate basic materials with 100% cocoa butter content from the French Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, Cacao Barry and procure the certain toppings from selected German, Italian and French suppliers.

The existence of the basic materials in itself wouldn’t be enough for the perfect chocolates: for this the vocation, professionalism and love of our chocolate manufacturers are needed and to avoid bulk manufacturing processes and only made by hand.

Which is your favourite what you kindly recommend to anybody? 

Summarizing the processes of the past months I am very happy and feel free to say that we are completely satisfied and proud for the ready-made produces. It as a culinary adventure full with excitements and during it we could learn a lot about the characteristics of the quality chocolates and about the manufacturing process too.

Among the three the Pecan walnut is my favourite. It seems simple but very interesting, firms and always changes when tasted and affect different sections of the sense of taste. Concentrated but after each piece the person who tastes likes another one…just like in the case of our top wines!