The Villányi Franc is now a concept

Cabernet franc is an excellent variety but the Villányi Franc name is now a concept!  Attila Gere opened the great event in his winery on 15th May 2014 with these words. To the introducing event of the Villányi Franc more than 200 journalists, bloggers, someliers, merchants, restaurant owners and hotel managers arrived. More details here!

III. GERE Jazz Festival – TEASER

In the summer of 2014 it will be the 3rd time that GERE Jazz Festival will be organized. Now it became the rendez-vous of GERE wines, special meals and demanding jazz music in Villány. And how will it be? Well, something like this 🙂 III. Gere Jazz Fesztivál – 2014 június 13-14. from StudingersCut on…

2nd GERE Jazz Festival

In the first wonderful summer weather II. GERE Jazz Festival was successfully taken place on 14-15th June, in Villány.  According to the organizers’ will, a really exclusive, “garden party”-like event was made in the magical garden of the winery surrounded by vineyards.

CROCUS Gere Wine Hotel – Image video

Villány’s first four star wine and wellness hotel offers superior services. Family wine hotel in wonderful regional environment, with special atmosphere rooms in 2 categories. Wellness centre with unique vinotherapy treatments, restaurant with regional gourmet kitchen, modern conference room in one spot!

Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar

Regional gourmet cuisine, where we would like to offer a special, unique gastronomy to our guests which comes from the authentic Svabian and Hungarian cuisine characteristic to the wine region, but also comply to the modern trends. Homely tastes inspired by Gere wines in newsy composition.

GERE Attila Winery

[av_video src=’’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′] The new factory of Gere Winery – which was opened in 2002 – alloys the most modern technology with the wine making traditions of Villány. We select the grapes in the plantation, then gather the bunches into a small case by hand. We work with strict yield limitation (at our…