Tinta, in Mediterranean atmosphere

The wine named Tinta can be found in the selection of Weninger & Gere Winery since 2006. This is a real rarity: in Hungary this is the only one wine botteled from 100% tempranillo.

Franz Weninger proposed the idea of planting tempranillo on a mutual vineyard in the early 2000’s. His idea was based on the fact that in Hungary the highest number of sunny hours can be found around Villány, so it makes sense to make experiments with the variety. We planted the first vines in 2004 on the terraces of Ördögárok. We needed a special permit for this since this variety is not allowed in the wine region. Finally we managed do start as a variety experiment.

The first years were about getting acquainted with in the vineyard, since we had not information about farming methods; at us finally the double sprout pruning redeemed so the size and number of the bunches are ideal now.

In the cellar we found out during years what is best for the variety. Usually we use second filled, small barrels. Maybe the rich tannins are the most characteristic for the wine, but its tannin has a different structure than the well-known cabernet varieties. It is an interesting fact that during the barrel ageing it attenuates more and after cca. 2 years it is totally round.

It is a fruity wine with spicy character and black tone: blackberry, black chocolate and some black pepper can be also discovered in its taste.

„Though so far tempranillo is still a rarity I am very glad that we have chosen this variety.  Franz and me are very contented with the result. This is a real personality brought a new color to our portfolio” – summarized Attila Gere.

About the origin of its name you can read our article on tempranillo.