Gastro ideas for grape seed products

Not only wine can be made out of grape but several other processing methods are known. The oil and micro-extract of grape seed and the juice of the unripe grape – verjus – are healthy and tasty supplements can be of our kitchen.


The oil which came from the seeds of the fully ripen blue grapes of the winery is very rich in bio-active antioxidants. Due to its high temperature bearing level it is perfectly appropriate for cooking, or making salads. This time it is worth to watch the ratio. Add 1/3 grape seed oil to 2/3 other oil, because its taste is much more intense than the average oils’.

It is excellent to any citrus taste dishes, but because of its strong taste we can use it for red meats too. We can add as dressing to salads and other vegetables, and we can prepare excellent welcome snack with it if we just serve it with bread even with a little sea salt.


It is a really special product made from the grapes of 100% organic vineyards. Grape seed is one of the materials contain the most natural antioxidants, which contains valuable bio-active materials due to the special micro grinding method.

It is excellent supplement for the healthy breakfast when mixed into yoghurt of kefir. If we add 3-4 spoons to bread pasta it not only gives an amazing purple color, but also rich bread with plus tastes. It can be also used for scone, or focaccia, or any pastries. If we really want something special then roll chocolate bonbon into grape seed extract instead of cocoa.


Verjus was known and used in the middle ages, when it was one of the most popular souring material. We press and bottle the liquid of the unripe bunches which were picked during the cluster-selection. Because of its high acid and low sugar content its taste is like citrus, but also can be felt the green grape gust too. Not as robust and sour as lemon or vinegar, so we can use if for marinating salads, preparing dressings or pickling vegetables. The effect is the same but the results are more elegant and refined gusts. Its amazing taste greatly enhances light sauces, dipping with cream.

The chef of Mandula use it for seasoning soups, bean and lentil salads, also for green salad dressing. But also use it for pickling vegetables for aspic. We can replace lemon with verjus in lemonade. We can serve it with cold soda-water and perhaps with fresh mint leaf.