Salsa with wine – interview with Richárd Révész

On the Friday night concert of GERE Jazz-Festival Ricardo Salsa Club will be introduced. The band was established by Richárd Révész jazz-pianist, and plays salsa and Latin jazz. It is the biggest and best Hungarian band in this genre. The intention of the band using drums, tooters and singers to introduce the music style of Cuba to the Hungarian audience and also to popularize the music culture of Latin-America. We asked Richárd Révész about music and wine:

Where did your Latin music affection come from?

I was 14 when I first met Latin music on 2 CDs. On the first Tito Puente – the king of mambo – could be heard. It immediately enchanted me, even then I knew that I would have task with it. It was a determining moment.

How can you describe the music style you play?

Squarely salsa. Salsa means “sauce” in Spanish, which we know has more components. This music also complied by various instruments, tunes, rhythm and feelings.

What is it mean to you to have a concert on Gere Jazz Festival?

This is the first time that we participate on Gere Jazz Festival. I think it is a wonderful opportunity to participate in an event of absolute quality. I believe that there is need for quality, either in service, gastronomy and art.

Do you have connection to wine?

My father is a famous chef, so I met gastronomic specialties quite often and also with the wines he consumed. I am not a regular wine drinker but among my family or friends I like to have some glasses. We played on Budai Wine Festival with Ricardo Salsa Club, where I could taste excellent wines too.

What kind of wines you like?

When it is hot, I prefer spritzer, especially rosé spritzer. Beside of this I like sweet wines. I do not know Gere Attila wines very well, but I hope I can compensate this on Gere Jazz Festival.

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