The magic of bossa nova – Rozina Pátkai

The Pátkai Rozina Quintet colors the Latin jazz program of GERE Jazz Festival with its bossa nova style concert on Saturday. After the birth of her two daughters, with two degrees in her pocket Rozina decided to be a singer. She volunteered to the conservatory learnt, and taught, meanwhile she picked up Portugal language then she decided to move to Spain for a year. The singer with Italian ancestors was awarded on several international contests, for example on the American Independent Music Awards (3 times).

From where did the love of Latin music come from?

When I was a teenager my parents sent me to London to learn the language. Kamaszlányként That time I walked the streets with my camera, taking photos was my hobby. Once I went to take pictures in the famous flea market of London – Portobello Road. I noticed that 3 casettes were only 1 GBP and I couldn’t neglect it. My choice was the most colorful series, a Brazil bossa nova selection. The next week I was around for new bossa nova cassettes on Portobello Road and became the eternal lover of the genre.

How would you describe the genre you play?

For long time we played mainly bossa nova remakes but now our own songs are included in the repertoire. These represents not only the Latin jazz genre, but several musical worlds are mixed in them. But bossa nova and the Portugal language stays.

What does it mean for you to perform on GERE Jazz Festival?

Gere Jazz Festival always was one of the most prestigious events of the summer, so I am glad that we participate, especially in a special Latin program.

Do you have connection with wine?

My father had a vineyard in Tihany, so we started each “vine year” with netting, staking, and finished with the harvest. For me the biggest fun was the grape stomping. I like the light, fruity whites or sparkling, from reds I prefer the full body. When I am thinking about GERE wines I would choose syrah or cabernet sauvignon.


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