Gere & Schubert – Csillagvölgy wine tasting and cellar visit

A new program from July awaits all the guests visiting Villány. Gere & Schubert or Csillagvölgy Winery shows the values of Villány with its light, fragrant wines from a very different aspect!

Freshness and fruitiness mark the joint venture of Attila Gere and Vilmos Schubert. As the result of the used technology and the gentle processing they aimed to preserve as many taste and fragrance as possible. Thanks to the submediterranean climate really rich and full summer wines are born in both white and red category.

Taste our wines in Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar, or come to our winery, and you can learn everything about Csillagvölgy winery during a cellar visit accompanied by a wine tasting.

Organized cellar visit is available on every Friday at 5 PM. It includes a 5 item wine tasting, with fresh patty/roundel, and a whole factory visit with presentation about the winery, the technological background and the wines. It takes cca. 1-1,5 hour.


Information and registration

Tamás Fröhlich

+36 30/ 620 2628