The Ördögárok vineyard

Among our four great vineyards and areas on the 60 hectare Ördögárok – which belongs partly to Villány, partly to Nagyharsány – we farm grape on 15 hectares.

In the 70’s this area was pulled out from production because its farming was not possible under large-scale production so the forest took it back quickly. In 2001 we started the recondition and re-planting of the area where now we can work with 15 year old vines. It is a quite steep descent with 20-25% so on some places the hill-valley direction planting was not possible so we created terraces instead of this. This is appropriate for hand and machine farming either.

The soil of the area – located over 150-200 m height over sea level – is loess and red clay on limestone and dolomite basis. On some places limestone, Jurassic limestone, Triassic dolomite are mixed with loess. The soil is arranged vertically so different combinations of soil layers can be seen.

It is a deep valley with 2 kinds of micro climate. While the hot air with high humidity stagnates in the valley, for the higher parts surrounded by forest colder climate is characteristic, so for example pinot noir and cabernet franc find themselves excellent here. Because of the different micro climates the wines harvested from the different plots in the rump and top of the valley show various picture.

The varieties grown here: cabernet franc, pinot noir, tempranillo, portugieser, merlot, black járdovány.