Created her own style – Eszter Váczi

On Friday, the second concert of Gere Jazz Festival will be one of the stars of the Hungarian jazz – Eszter Váczi and her band who also creates quality in pop music.  The quartet is unique in sound and appearance and in its songs the lyrics is also important not only the music. The own poems of the vocalist shows deep feelings which become easy to absorb by acrid, sometimes melancholic but all the time loving humor.

Where did the love of music come from?

Though I went to musical elementary school, so music and singing were daily part of my life, I decided later to launch a music career. I can thank a lot for my cousin – Dániel Váczi – who is jazz composer and saxophone player, because during my high school years she endeared jazz music with me, and she took me such jazz concerts – when I was 16-17 – to where my parents wouldn’t have let me go alone. In those times my love of jazz music became clear for me and this took me directly to the jazz-song faculty of Liszt Ferenc Conservatory.

How would you describe the genre you play?

To put it short, our style is: Eszter Váczi and the Quartet. I would like to believe that it is not necessary to compare or to explain. This is the cohesion of the separate musical worlds of five shaken together persons playing together for a long time. They want to make you laugh and cry in the same time, ensuring artistic quality and joy to the audience. We are a band with jazz origins, but more popular. We put emphasis on Hungarian lyrics and I hope we are not similar with others.

What does it mean to you to perform on GERE Jazz Festival?

We were one of the first performers when this festival was born! Its refined elegance, the quality of wines and foods and the ideal size audience left very pleasant memories in me, in us. It is honorific for me, that we can give a concert as returning performers.

Do you have connection to wine?

Sure, I am a great fan of good wines. Since this is the Gere Jazz Festival, I can state that during our last performance here we got superb catering, and naturally a great part of it were the excellent wines. Personally I like full body reds, mainly cabernet sauvignon but in hot summer nights a fine rosé can be pleasant too. My favorite Gere Attila wine is a classic: Kopar.