Grown up with music – Sena

On Friday the guests can dance to the songs of the Ghanaian-Hungarian rap-diva, the singer of the well-known Irie Maffia: Sena. On this night she performs with her own band.  Her partners are well-known musicians of the Hungarian jazz- and pop scene in the first place Mátyás Premecz the ambassador of Hammond organ. With the conversion of the Shakespeare-sonnet Sena already achieved great success and with this formation she really gives herself, showing that personality and power which are really her own. 

Where did the love of music come from?

I grew up in a music loving family. My parents and brothers/sisters are great fans of music. There were always music at us and this is true for whole Ghana. A place of the world where everywhere music can be heard: in the streets, in the houses, in the schools, churches, everywhere. I incepted this since my birth.

After moving to Hungary I had lot of time to listening music and write. The entries of my diary slowly became songs. The idea came from here that perhaps I should deal with this.

How you would describe the genre you play?

It is hard to tell because I alloy many genres: hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk, rap, rock, blues, rnb, afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, electro, pop. I mix everything and this cavalcade is typical of me.

What it means to you that you perform on Gere Jazz Festival?

Wonderful wines, beautiful landscape. Refined taste and kind people. The scent of summer and music. These come to my mind first.

Do you have connection to wine?

I wouldn’t say that I am a great expert, but I appreciate good wines. On family and friend events it is in the center. I think for a good company we must have good wine. I prefer lighter, fruitier reds as Fruska and Gere Andrea Finesse, and the sparkling ones, like Frici. And I do not have to say: there is no summer without spritzer!