The winemaker musician – Olivier Libaux

Hungarian performances of the world star formation, Nouvelle Vague, providing actually the final acts of the Festival, are always preceded by huge expectations. Being the favourite of the audience, this French group has performed several times in the Hungarian Palace of Art (MÜPA), as well as on the A38 event ship in Budapest so far. Both their cover songs, being in the top of the radio charts, as well as their own compositions sound pretty familiar to the global audience and show the playful spirit of the band. An interesting point of the concert that Olivier Libaux, founder and lead singer of the formation, is also a hobby winemaker himself, therefore, he was very pleased to accept our invitation to the Festival.

Where did your love of music come from?

It comes from my childhood. I fell in love with music when I was 4, started to learn how to play the guitar at 6. Actually, my parents were not considering music as a possible job for me, so I would say that all my experiences were based on my loneliness, playing the guitar every day, listening to tons of records. This, plus my friends who were also interested in music at school.

How would you describe the musical style you play?

It is acoustic, but I’ve only played the acoustic guitar since 2002. I have decided that I would express all kinds of musical emotions by a single acoustic guitar, no effects. Otherwise, how to describe it? It’s a mix of pop, bossa, intimate, sensitive…

What does it mean to you to make a performance on the Gere Jazz Festival in 2017?

The great thing is that I don’t know this part of Hungary at all. I don’t know these wines, and I am excited to discover all of these, as well as to perform at the Festival!

Do you like wine in general?

Oh my Lord, yes.

Do you have a favourite wine story?

I believe that my favourite story is “In Vino Veritas”. The number of things I can understand or realize when I drink wine is crazy.

What is your preferred wine type?

After years of red, I turned definitely towards white 2 years ago. And I will definitely stay this side for a while. We have a great variety of white wines in France, including Sancerre, Bourgogne Aligoté, Menetou-Salon, Pouilly-Fumé, and so many others. I am also excited to discover foreign white wines. I would say I like it not too fruity, a bit dry, mid or full body, and I am more and more tending towards “natural” wines (with not too many sulphites).

Have you ever tried a Gere wine?

No, but I can’t wait to discover it.