The new tasting halls with the eyes of our interior designer

We thank the renewed tasting halls at the winery to Zoltán Varró interior architect: he designed the interior of several hotels, confectionaries and restaurants.  He knew Gere family for years, furthermore he is a great fan of the wines so the inspiration was given.

Considering the old acquaintanceship it was not hard to dream the new Gere estate. Though I know that nowadays the modern wine design is fashioned, I went forth on a totally different line. About Gere wines the Gere family comes to the mind of everybody, and those who visited them in Villány all feel this familiar atmosphere. So that’s why it was clear to me that these atmosphere would determine the tasting hall and the event venue too. The building of the winery bears Mediterranean marks originally, which is not surprising since Villány is our Mediterranean region. I would like to emphasize it more, and create a real family hacienda.

How you created the renewed halls?

We divided the interior tasting hall to more parts. In one hand to create more innerly atmosphere, and in the other hand we can feel ourselves in a real hacienda. In the multi functional space we created a great salon, a dining room, a wine bar and a wine library. The most characteristic and emblematic element of this hall is the uniquely made textile, which appears on the walls, curtains and cushions. It is based on the first hand made design of the estate, and the result was an aquarelle-like scenery, which reflects dateless value. We can find the whole portfolio of the winery in the wine library but not in the common way, but in a little extravagant style: in an air-conditioned library.

The biggest change is the brand new event venue, the winter garden which is an almost 150 square meter big place between the hacienda and the park with the remarkable scenery. The specialty of the hall that all the glass walls and the top of the pavilion can be fully removed, so this way in a pleasant summer evening we can merge in the view of the starry sky. The star-shaped lamps also reflect to this.

The vine relief appearing on the walls is a modest indication for the origin of the wine. I think that this place became one of Hungary’s most beautiful event venues, which is elegant but not cramped. Perfect for company conferences, events, weddings or dinners.

The terrace is the gem of the hacienda, where you can get a magical view to the hills of Villány. The giant fireplace set in the middle and the two limestone “armchairs” beside of this gives a really special feel. On the other side of the building – at the main entrance – we imagined a genuine Mediterranean atrium in the cloister. We can get into the garden through a giant gate. In the middle of this a fountain is surrounded by tables and chairs. We can taste the nice wines here fully separated from the noise of the world.

How was the collective work?
Great experience and after many years of acquaintance it was easy to create such a concept which really fit to Gere family. Meanwhile a very complex and serious team work was also needed to the realization, since the plans were finished in the middle of February and until the beginning of June – to the Gere Jazz Festival – we finished the work. It was a little more than 3 months.

Which is your favorite wine?

I prefer the full body, characteristic, serious wines, so Kopar and naturally Attila are my favorites.