Summer refreshments from Gere wines

During summer months cold, refreshing drinks come well. Though Villány is known by its serious red wines, we do not have to miss the wines of the wine region in the hot.

Recently we visited Paris and there we tasted this specialty which became our favorite immediately. We decided to try it at home since one of the ingredients needed for Campari Spritz we already have: Frici White sparkling wine! The recipe of this icy, cold cocktail is simple and does not need a lot of things to make. We put ice cube into the glass then we add 3 parts of white sparkling wine, 2 parts of Campari and 1 part soda water then we decorate it with orange ring. The bit of bitterness refreshes excellent in the summer heat and the wonderful, vigorous color of the drink is spectacular.

Naturally do not forget the simple but great spritzer which is necessary part of every summer! One likes white, one rose spritzer. Either the vigorous, citrus-apple aroma Olaszrizling or the red berry fruit Rosé are perfect choices in the hot.

The most popular spritzer types:

Little: 1 dl wine + 1 dl soda
Big: 2 dl wine + 1 dl soda
Long step: 1 dl wine + 2 dl soda
Caretaker: 3 dl wine + 2 dl soda
Vice-caretaker: 2 dl wine + 3 dl soda
Sport: 1 dl wine + 4 dl soda

There are some who do not want to miss red wines during summer. For them we offer the light, fruity Portugieser. This wine with lower alcohol, tight acids fits better to the summer months but 1-2 glasses of serious red also can be good in the mild summer evenings. It is worth to cool Portugieser a little bit, since it gets hot quicker and can loose that freshness why we drink it.