The Villányi Franc

Villány reconstructed its old origin protection system in 2014 and created the new wine region brand. Since then we work together for the success of Villányi Franc. The professionals and wine lovers like and acknowledge the wines which is marked by that for the Franc&Franc event in November there are more and more visitors from year to year.

According to the regulations beside of the obligatory 1 year barrel ageing, in the premium category wines there must be minimum 85% Cabernet Franc. And the Super Premium must be 100% Cabernet Franc. For this category there are even more strict terms for yield and tasting, and minimum 1 year barrel and 1 more year bottle ageing are obligatory. Only those wines can get the origin protection which apply to the requirements written in the regulation of the wine region and which are granted by the Wine Regional Wine Reading Committee. This way the continuous high quality is ensured.

At us the actual item is Weninger&Gere Villányi Franc 2015. It was a really nice vintage. When we compiled the barrel items – the top wines -, it was visible then that there is great complexity in these not too heavy, not too concentrated wines. We put the stress on the fruitiness and acting upon the style of the vintage we decided to use low keyed barrel usage. From 2015 we will have two slope selected Villányi Franc with different characteristics.  The Weninger&Gere item comes from Csillagvölgy-slope which micro climate is more animated, so gives a vibrant, lighter style. The Gere Attila Villányi Franc still rests in the cellar. We harvested it from the hotter areas of Ördögárok-slope. From here we get a rounder, smoother, more concentrated wine. Both have long ageing potential and made in the same way: 80% aged in new, small barrique barrels, and 20% in second filled, 300 liter Zemplén oak, for 16 months.

Luckily the market feedbacks are good for Villányi Franc. We experience that the demand for it increased in Hungary and in abroad too. More and more wineries join and make Villányi Franc. The communication of the wine region is successful for 5 years now, and the customers love it. They can be sure that the origin protection and the blind tasting ensure high quality excellent wines.

This year we organize Franc&Franc conference and tasting day on 24-25th November. The leading topic of this year’s event is The Hungarian wine market and Cabernet Franc. Beside the professional courses on Friday the rare Hungarian wine rows from Villány and other wine regions can be tasted with guidance of professionals. The audience can get acquainted with the newest and already available Villányi Franc in the colourful programs of Saturday tasting day touring in the cellars of Villány. Beside of Hungarian wines there will be guest wineries from abroad. In the 5 tasting spots there will be at least 40 wineries from Villány and abroad.