Solus for the Holidays

Solus is the wine of celebrations and every day is a celebration when we open a bottle of it. One of the top item of our winery is an excellent choice for Christmas holidays, since we can either match it for the meals, consume it with the guests or give it as present.

Recently we started to sell the 2012 vintage of Solus. Slope-selected, limited item, which is made from Merlot harvested from Kopár slope. It is an area of Kopár where the micro climate is different and the soil is much thinner and stonier comparing to the other parts of Kopár.

We love the Tuscan Ornellaia winery. Their wines inspired the style of Solus. We would like to make a similar top wine, but naturally with a face of Villány, since terroir makes our wines unique. The name of the wine also means “unique” in Latin, but there is also “sol” the Sun, because we harvest it from the Southest slope of Hungary. When we looked for a name for the first bottles is 2000, a young married couple were our guests who tasted and several weeks they wrote that they found the perfect name for it: SOLUS.

Since it is not produced in each year, this one is the 10th anniversary vintage of the wine. It is characterized by rich fruitiness and sweet spice aromas. Round wine with a sweet tone aftertaste. When tasting, the aroma of the finely toasted wood nicely slicks into the plum-sour cherry aromas. Unique, top item, which is also a perfect present because the collectors can reserve it for many years. At the Christmas table we recommend it for red meat and game meals.