Gastro Star Guests on Gere Jazz Festival

Due to this year’s Italian thematic Gere family invited gastro guests directly from Italy. From the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia the Michelin star owner La Subida restaurant  will prepare cheese and olive oil selection and Bagatto family will bring their famous San Daniele hams for the guests of the festival.

La Subida

La Subida was established by Josko Sirk and his wife Loredana in 1960. The place can be found at the border of Friuli Venezia Giulia region and Slovenia where fabulous gastronomy, magical „vintage chic” atmosphere, excellent materials and real familiar catering await the guests. Sirk family lives in La Subida domain where beside of the Michelin star owner restaurant a little family Osteria also can be found. They offer several limited quantity basic materials made by unique processing. Such as: their cheese packed into canvas and straw dig into mineral soil, which are aged in the small mountain caves of the area; their hams; and the quality grape vinegar (Aceto) made by the own recipe of the Josko Sirk family.

Sirk family takes part in the enterprise as a whole, either the members of the old and young generation. They coordinate the activities of the restaurant and hotel, lead the kitchen and domain, and the younger generation also makes wine. They constantly gather experiences because beside of the work they like to travel and discover the world. They think that traditions can be kept and continue only by being open for the new. The most important for them to ensure such a real, clean and authentic experience for their guests that one really feel to be the guest of Sirk family. Where there are hand carved wood chairs around the fire, where the polenta is made in the traditional way, where the clean tastes of the countryside are put on the table – even in Michelin star setting –  and where on the terraces of the modern and clear out furnished houses the best wines of the neighbourhood can be tasted.

The Bagatto family

The prosciutto making method of Bagatto family changed nothing in the past 50 years. They make ham in the same quality and with the same attention among the mounds of San Daniele. These are made from cautiously selected Italian pork material. Only three ingredients help the special ageing of the ham: salt, time and the special climate of San Daniele. Not preservatives or additives are used. Only patience and the several years of experience create this excellent prosciutto.

San Daniele is a submontane town located in the North-Eastern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia region. It is the wonderful area of the Friuli mounds near to the Austrian and Slovenian borders. Its location is special: can be found 252 m high exactly where the cold winds of Carniai Alps and the salty and hot air from Adria meet. This makes a special micro climate for the ageing process of prosciutto.

The San Daniele prosciutto is a prosciutto made by a “dry” method. It was PDO patented in 1996 (Protected Designation of Origin) but was protected since 1970.  As all other such and similar products with PDO it is important to be made on the attached area under the relating special and continuously supervised regulations. To have and use this patent the ham must be made inside the town of San Daniele. Bagatto family is one of the oldest and most known family enterprise of the area. For them quality hides in the traditions and the fully hand made processes.