In the morning, lunchtime and evening: Summer gastro and wine hints

We love to cook and love the various materials of the summer. We have time for an ease breakfast, we prefer to prepare a light lunch or we grill and drink wine under the skies. We have wine hints for each daypart and meals which we share now.

White Frici 2017

An ice cold sparkling wine – nothing more wine need in the summer heat. We can even start the day with this. Just open a bottle on a Saturday morning brunch! We recommend it with Eggs Benedict with ham or salmon. Just prepare any meal from egg it will match just as with bakery products, sandwiches, fresh fruits or American pancake. Or we like add it into orange juice and Mimosa cocktail is ready.

Hint: pour Frici into the ice cube holder in the previous evening and put it into the freezer. Next day just drop some into the orange juice.

Villányi Olaszrizling 2017

Choose a light white for lunch. The moderate aromas and fresh acids of olaszrizling it is not only ideal for spritzer but in the hot it even fits to a light summer lunch. Quickly prepare a salad from the colourful seasonal vegetables, fry a chicken breast or ewe-cheese, make a light pasta – olaszrizling march with these all. If we go on a picnic just bring this bottle with screw-cap.

Hint: prepare a risotto with lemon and sage and add olaszrizling to it when cooking. The tastes will be even more harmonic.

Villányi Portugieser 2017

A fruity red wine crowns the pleasant summer evenings. Either we cook outside or inside a lighter red item tastes better this time. It matches with Italian style courses with tomato and pastas. In the evening we can turn on the oven with no worries under the pizza or focaccia or we can open it for a letcho.  We also recommend it for grills, for example a fine, spicy burger.

Hint: just serve it a little chilled, because in the summer it gets warm easier and cool beverages are preferred this time of the year.