Andrea Malek – the many sided singer

The first Friday performer of Gere Jazz will be Malek Andi Soulistic. The diverse female singer find her place everywhere from folk songs to swing. She will perform the cavalcade of music styles on Gere Jazz Festival too. She forms the classics of funky to her own taste. We asked Andrea Malek about this concert. 

Could you please introduce the band? 

This special contemporary world music project – in which the name “Soulistic” refers to the close relation between soul and music – was formed in 2016 in cooperation with Bandi Jáger pianist-composer. We mix jazz and R&B and alloy it with Hungarian folk music. We play such well known but maybe a bit forgotten folk songs as the „Rose tree of my mother”, Orphan bird hiding” or „Oh, how wide, long this road is”. The artistic leader of the band is Bandi Jáger and the members of the band all add something to it from their personality, knowledge and inspiration.

What can we expect on the concert? 

We bring the soul, funky and jazz songs of 80’s and 90’s to the concert in June which we are fond of. We hope that we can give thought provoking, valuable and danceable music to the audience of Gere Jazz. My vocals will be accompanied by Bandi Jáger on piano, Roland Balogh on guitar, József Barcza Horváth on contrabass and András Lakatos Pecek on drums.

Let’s play a quick! What is the first thing coming to your mind about these words? 

Wine: Villány
Villány: wine
Funky: Earth, Wind & Fire
Summer: Balaton
Gere: quality
Buzzing: children
Concert experience: Avishai Cohen
Idol: my children
Travel: Dés, Bereményi
Favourite place: confidental
Colors: blue, white, yellow
Instrument: piano
Favourite food: paneer tikka masala
Summer holiday: beach
Book: Bible
Relaxation: reading
Jazz: Bandi Jáger