New vintages of the winery

The new vintages are constantly coming and as we feel that a wine is perfect we label it that our customers can get it. In this year – beside our Syrah Selection – Solus and Attila changed vintage. 

Syrah 2017 Konkoly-vineyard 

We have 25 hectares of vines in Konkoly vineyard which can be found on Black-hill. This is a steep, 240 meters high area where we pick one of our favourite varieties: Syrah. The climate is cooler here, so the grapes ripe later but intensive fruity wines are born. Since 2017 vintage made it possible this complex, elegant Syrah was made as vineyard-selected. In its taste rich, black berry fruits, fine barrel spices and in its aftertaste a dosage of black pepper can be tasted.

Solus 2016 

The Solus is made always and exclusively of Merlot from Kopar vineyard. In the past vintages it was aged only in new barriques but now fruitiness and elegance came to the front and we use 2nd filled barrels too. It is important that the aromas of the oak do not dominate the wine only supplement it in taste and structure. Solus 2016 is a wine of a nice, hot vintage. Beside roundness several fruits can be tasted in it: ripe plum, black berries, cocoa and sweet spices.  It is well drinkable even now but it has the potential of 15-20 years so it is recommended to reserve some bottles.

Attila 2011 

The clear out design Attila Cuvée with the new label contains all three Bordeaux varieties. We focus on the wine itself and do would not like it to show off on the shelf. Seriousness and elegance characterize this wine in its appearance. The concept is the same in every years: so we pick the grapes from the best vineyards and age it in new barriques then we select the blend from the finest barrels. There is no predetermined recipe since we fit to the vintages. 2011 was such an excellent year for Cabernet Sauvignon that we also produced an Attila Cabernet Sauvignon which is a real rarity.

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