Zolbert – the Hungarian Ambassador of smooth jazz

On Saturday 8PM Zolbert the saxophone player performs. He is also known as the Hungarian ambassador of smooth jazz. He compiled a unique show for the festival under the title of „Jazz+Funk+Sax”. This time it will be a full orchestra formation supplemented with blower section. He proves with his own compositions and with the singles of foreign performers that peculiar funky can be stirring on an instrumental way too. 

Can you tell something about yourself as a musician? 

As usual I do many things: I am saxophone player, song writer and producer in one. The musical style what I represent is smooth jazz which is a unique alloy of funk and soul performed on modern instruments.

Beside of my song contest successes I had the chance to perform on Veszprém Fest as the fore-band of the world famous British The Brand New Heavies. Among my 3 albums the one titled “One” was placed on the 10th place on the list of the best albums and songs of the year by the legendary US Jazz Trax Radio. Beside of the studio works I have many concerts. In the past 6 years I had more than 150 performances with my band.

What to do prepare for this summer concert? 

This concert will be the debut of a brand new production which was never heard before. The basis of our repertoire is given by the musical material of the funk revolution of the 70’s and the birth of the smooth jazz style developed from the former. It gave such world wide known classic singles in the end of the 70’s and in the beginning of the 80’s which are known by everyone. We will play these legendary singles and the remixed versions of these furthermore our own prize-winning songs with a 7 members orchestra.

Do you have favourite Gere wine? 

I prefer whites and I am a great fan of Sauvignon Blanc but as I getting older I noticed that I open toward reds more and more. I especially like to drink Gere Cabernet Sauvignon for serious talks.

Let’s play a quick! What things come first to your mind when hearing these words? 

Wine: gift of nature
Villány: a Mediterranean miracle in our little country
Funky: important part of my musical DNS
Summer: best part of the year
Gere: quality, tradition
Buzzing: I like it
Concert experience: live concert
Idol: Grover Washington Jr.
Traveling: relaxation, refreshing, puts ideas and feelings into new perspectives
Favourite place: where I feel good
Colours: green, blue
Instrument: saxophone of course
Favourite food: hard to choose
Summer holiday: Adria
Book: Vonnegut works or Radnóti poems
Relaxation: rarely, but this means also good
Jazz: the most diverse emphatic appliance of a musician