Gábor Garami – From the radio to the drums

Our 2nd performer on Friday is the Garami Funky Staff with the cooperation of Mónika Veres “Nika” and Bebe. The well know presenter: Gábor Garami actualized his great old dream:  he evokes the well known funky, disco and soul singles from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in a professional way, inviting the guests to a cheerful house party. 

Can you tell something about the band? 

Beside of radio presenting I am also a musician for decades. During this time I played in many bands. In 2010 I established my own band: Garami Funky Staff.

The funky, disco and soul singles of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were close to me all the time so in the first times we performed the songs of Kool and the Gang and Chaka Khan which were my favourite bands. Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk and other excellent artists brought back those tempos and sounds to the style which could be heard in the beginning of the disco era. I am very happy with it because my band represent this style from the beginning. I thought that what we play wholeheartedly other will listen on the same way live.

After a while the demand for own songs occurred – beside remakes but in the same style.  Since I am a drum player – and there are only few rare exceptions that a drummer sings or writes songs – I surrounded myself with the best musicians and song writers. They supplied us with “Garami” style pieces.

What do you prepare for the summer concert?

On both albums of Garami Funky Staff many guest performers appear and we gladly play with them live too. For the concert of Gere Jazz Festival we arrive with one of our favourite set ups: the singer section will be steeled by Mónika Veres „Nika” and Bebe this time. Szelina Dósa will sing together with them. She is our fix member. Berci Temesi plays the bass, Ádám Tóth the guitar and Levente Molnár will play the keyboards. We will introduce 1-2 new songs too which will be heard by the audience here first time.

Do you have perhaps favourite Gere wine? 

I always bring Solus Merlot as present.

Let’s play a quick one! What does first come to your mind about these words? 

Wine: my father and uncle Piacsek
Villány: wine region
Funky: Chaka Khan
Summer: Balaton
Gere: Quality
Buzzing: summer night concert
Concert experience: Miles Davis Budapest Sport arena
Idol: János Solti drummer (Locomotiv GT)
Travel: USA
Favourite place: New York
Colours: black, white, beige
Instrument: drum and bass guitar
Favourite food: spinach
Summer holiday: band tour
Book: The book of consolation by Mihály Kornis
Relay: sauna, wellness
Jazz: Pat Metheny