Áron Romhányi – Alloying the styles

On Saturday the duo of Áron Romhányi & Milán Szakonyi opens the day. Because of their various musical backgrounds they amazingly alloy jazz, blues and funky mixing all these with ambitious pop music. This ask/reply – and some rap – will be a really youthful, dynamic prelude of the day. 

We asked Áron Romhányi Artisjus, eMRTon and Fonogram awarded song writer and piano artist in connection with Gere Jazz Festival.

Can you tell something about yourself as musician? 

I gained degree in Liszt Ferenc Music Art University on jazz piano major in 2001.  The wide audience can know me from United band. Among others “Keserű méz” or “Hajnalban még a Nap is más” songs were written by me but I am also an establisher of Áron Romhányi Trio and Loop Doctors band. I frequently work together with other Hungarian singers.

Our mutual duo with Milán Szakonyi is an amazing alloy due to our various musical backgrounds: a hint of jazz, blues and funky mixed with pop.

What do you prepare for the summer concert?

In our shows there are usually some remixes as buoyant John Mayer, Stevie Wonder songs but several well-known United singles too. When hearing these the guests often start to dance toward the end of the concert. Here the audience can hear our new song first time on stage in acoustic version under the title: “Fiókok”.

Do you have a favourite Gere wine maybe? 

If I should name one then it would be Solus Merlot 2016.

Let’s play a quick one! What comes to your mind first about these words?

Wine: truth
Villány: Hungarian Toscana
Funky: instinct
Summer: love
Gere: elegance
Buzzing: creativity
Concert experience: goose bump
Idol: inspiration
Travel: openness
Favourite place: home
Colour: pop
Instrument: piano
Favourite food: matching to the occasion
Summer holiday: sea
Book: perspicacity
Relaxation: charging
Jazz: freedom