Klára Koroknai – The creator of FriciSpritz

Beside of the concerts FriciSpritze will be the favourite of the guests which will be introduced on Gere Jazz event in the Summer. The guests of the garden of Gere Attila Winery kertjébe can enjoy the atmosphere of Villány garden party with this fresh fruity drinks in their glasses. 

Recently Fricis got new design and the idea of FriciSpritz is attached to this renewing. Gere family turned to Klára Koroknai and she helped to figure out many fresh drinks which can be made even at home easily. These are full with tasty fruits and fragrant green spices.

Can you tell us some words about your professional background?

Cocktail making started to interest me relatively early.  After finishing the school and the vocational practice I tried myself in abroad. After gaining experience in London and New York I give technical advice for great drink brands.  I feel myself lucky since my work is my hobby.

What do you think about Frici as cocktail material?

Frici opens a light, bohemian, breezy, alluring world for me. It was explicitly easy to make Spritzes with it since it brings that taste out of the given fruits or spice which we wanted to. It is also characteristic, you can not add it to anything.

Which other materials it makes good match with?

With tasty fruits and fresh, fragrant spices. Beside of the one with strawberry there are pear-sage, raspberry-basil, cucumber-elderberry, kiwi-mint ant the Airone Rosso Aperitivo liquor recipe from Veneto province of Italy. This latest we mix with orange and basil.

It can be tried with many other materials and we hope that the consumers will also give some ideas.

What was it like to work with Gere family together?

Easy and floppy which is not a surprise since they arrived with 2 cartons of Frici at the first meeting. I told them that I was not the person who planned in advance – rather spontaneous. I compile the tastes underway. It was an interesting challenge to create something from many person’s taste which is liked by everybody but I think we succeeded.

Would you introduce a cocktail?

I could drink the FriciSpritz with strawberry every day it is simple addictive. It is important that the fruit’s taste must be intensive, because they bring the best together with the sparkling. Smash the strawberry in the glass, give some lemon juice if needed and a hint of sugar which makes the taste of the fruit more intensive the fill the glass with ice. Pour Rosé Frici and soda water on it. Simple, huh? We can add mint or basil on the top according to our taste.

We tried to choose such fruits and spices which are available for everybody. This way they take a liking to make this drink at home.