Summer wines

In summer the cold, refreshing drinks feel good. Some drink champagne, some spritzer and some can not resign a glass of red wine even in the hot. In Gere portfolio everybody can find the favorite.

Gere Frici

There is no better in Summer than a glass of ice cold bubbly wine. Rosé and white Fricis are full with fresh, fruity flavors. We keep and fill these fine aromas into the bottles while the creamy and vigorous texture of the added bubbles are formed. Thanks to the meticulous selection of the ratio of grape varieties the rosé and white blends – beside of the kind character – are always elegantly moderate. We can serve it as an aperitif but also good match to courses with fish or sea fruits.

Olaszrizling 2018

One of the most popular variety in Hungary and we love it in Villány too. It is simply a perfect spritzer wine and drinking spritzers is essential in the Summer. Vigorous, full with citrus and apple. All these are even more stressed by soda water. If the hot is great then rather choose those varieties in which soda water dominates. For example: Long step (1 dl wine + 2 dl soda),  Vice-caretaker (2 dl wine + 3 dl soda) or Sport spritzer (1 dl wine + 4 dl soda). We can have it with a salad with goat cheese, a simple sandwich or pasta.

Athus Cuvée 2016

Some pleasant summer evening can be appropriate even for red wines and in Villány you can not neglect it. Let’s choose this cuvee with its low alcohol, acrid red berries and moderate barrel spices. It is a blend of portugieser, cabernet franc, pinot noir, syrah and merlot. Just cool it down better than we usually do it with red wines. It gets warmer in the glass this time for sure. If we prepared a dish with tomato, hamburger or grill food then open a bottle Athus Cuvée too!