Our wine tasting program from Autumn

The guests visiting Villány are looking for the wine experiences too beside of relaxation. Sometimes a glass of wine is enough with the dinner but also happens that they would like to know much more about the winery, viticulture, wine making. Our head sommelier: Tamás Fröhlich tells what new wine program he prepares for the guests from September. 

What is the course of this program? 

The guests taste and I tell the story and introduce the wines then we walk down to the cellar. Many years and many stories are behind the Gere family so there is a lot to tell. The guests get know the plantation, the history of the winery, the vineyards and the changing of the portfolio. We try to effect all senses and introduce them the development and success of the winery.

What kind of wines can they taste? 

We did not want a fix wine row. Naturally it will have some fix items since there are such elements which are unthinkable to miss if it is about Villány and Gere wine. But there will be some which will change: local and international varieties, young and aged wines. The common thing in all tastings that we prepare such compilation which is characteristic to us.

But you do not prepare only wines. 

Absolutely. We believe that grape is the most diverse plant of the world so we prepare a selection of our own made green grape juice (verjus), grape seed oil, grape seed and skin extract and also the products made together with ChocoMe chocolate company.

When, how and who can participate? 

We have this program once a week Saturday morning at 11:00 basically for the guests of Crocus. Everybody can join but the number of participants is limited so previous registration is needed.

What can expect those who participate in the program? 

During the program the guests not only get the actual look of the wines and the winery but opening the “treasury” we can also taste a bit of the past too. So in this form they can not get this wine row and the attached products elsewhere. We would like to ensure a complex experience for those who visiting us.

The guests can come to know you during the program but can introduce yourself a little? 

Nearly 15 years ago I decided to deal with wines. With roots in Szekszárd it was always in the pack. I worked as regional representative, in the retail and wholesale area, as wine tour organizator but this year is the 7th I work for Gere winery. I believe in Villány, in the grape, in Gere Winery, in the vision of the family and in that there will be always demand for this quality. This is what this tasting program about.