What you need to know about Portugieser?

A traditional variety in Hungary and here in Villány it is indigenous and explicitly popular. We love its fruitiness, its kind character and that it can ensure experience as the wine of everyday to those who open a bottle of it.

It likes loess, limestone soil and the hot weather regions. Good cropper and succulent variety but sensitive because of its thin skin so attention must be paid when dealing with it. It is ripen early and has a must with medium sugar degree.  The climate change may trick us but usually it can be harvested in the first half of September.

So it is considered as the material of the new wines often but with more attention even a higher category wine can be made from it. Its characteristics are: intensive fruitiness, mild tannins, and moderate acids. Lighter, simple wine which can get more role in gastronomy with the changing of the dining traditions. It matches with tomato based dishes, fried veggies and poultry. As new wine we can offer it for goose meals.

Our Portugieser after the fermentation in steel tanks it spends cca.4 months in big, 50hl barrels. This way it keeps its fruitiness and its taste enrichen with nice spiciness too.