Franc&Franc Tasting Day

On 23rd November 2019 Saturday 250 wine lover can get acquainted with the newest Villányi Francs touring in the cellars of Villány presenting by the wineries. On the tasting day more than 40 Cabernet Francs of 25 wineries can be tasted. 

The organizers ensure the access between the wineries by bus. The participation fee includes: tasting each items of the tasting day (at least 40 samples); the transfer; the snacks, delicacies; lunch, a tasting glass; tasting booklet with pen; a Villányi Franc souvenir.

Tickets can be purchased only in advance: Ticket price: 20.900 HUF. More details:

Villányi Franc 

Cabernet franc is such a world variety which is quite rare as independent wine. But in Villány wine region it has found its natural home. Thanks to the special terroir, climate, and creative wine makers of the wine region we call the 100% Cabernet Franc wine as Villányi Franc. It has premium and super premium quality. In this elegant wine we respect the flagship item of the wine region.

The grape found an ideal terroir in Villány wine region where it covers 15% of the vineyards. This grape roots in loess ground rich in limestone and gets many hours of sunshine so it gives a craggy and complex, but dynamic and fresh wine. Villányi Franc is the artist of elegance, balance and fine tuning. Its complexity is shown by that beside of the character of the variety it gives space for the personality of the winemaker.

As premium wine Villányi Franc appear on the market after 1 year barrel ageing. 6000 litres can be made from 1 hectare vineyard. Th Super premium Villányi Franc spends 1 year in barrel and 1 year in bottle before we can taste it. Furthermore 3500 litres of wine is made from 1 hectare of vineyard.

Villányi Franc news by us

Due to the success of Villányi Franc the interest and demand for this wine is bigger and bigger in Hungary and abroad either. But not only the wine drinkers love it. If we should choose among the 3 Bordeaux variety we would choose Franc too. With its unique style and elegance it becomes quickly the favourite of the wine lovers.

In Kopár vineyard we tried various cabernet franc clones from all around Europe. We would like to know which is the most appropriate in the aspect of the local soil and climate capabilities. After the trial period only the finally chosen vines got place on Kopár.

The guests of the event won’t be able yet to taste wine from these but from the 2017 vintage Villányi Franc from Csillagvölgy-vineyard it will be possible.  Let’s meet in Villány!