The Villány-Siklós Wine Route Society is 25 years old

Villány-Siklós Wine Route Society got to an illustrious event. The organization celebrated its 25th birthday. The membership, the ex-colleagues and presidents, and the invited professionals got together in the Knight Hall of Siklós Castle to remember the work, the results and successes of 25 years. 

The Society was established in 1994 based on European samples. It was the first in Hungary and was established overhand by seven local municipalities, private persons, entrepreneurs and civil organizations. The formation, developments, the creation of the qualification method was a sample project in Hungary. The extreme success of the wine makers and wines of Villány greatly contributed to establishment of the wine route network in Hungary.

In present days the Wine Route has total cover in Villány wine region with 17 local municipalities and 82 service provider members.

„It was really a notable result which characterized the activity of the Society. And it became more effective by establishing the Marketing Workshop and by cooperating with the Wine Region. The principles of the Society still transfix our daily activity. We still believe in cooperation. This is a very lucky society where the members do and not only expect.” – said Dóra Kovács Boglárka the president of Wine Route.

On the 25th jubilee gala event the Becker Leonora Memorial Prizes were handed over too.

Dedicated to the devoted professional work of the pristine president of the Society – Leonora Becker – the Society established this prize for the 25th anniversary. The prize is given in every 2nd year to the civil persons and organizations working actively for the development, success, acknowledgement and popularity of the Villány wine region.

The prize can be given to such civil person or organization that did a lot for the development and popularity of Wine Route and Villány wine region thus became worthy for the prize. The prize can be given to the members and non-members too.

The prizes were made by Kornélia Kocka ceramist artist and were handed over ceremonially on 25th October 2019 on the 25th anniversary gala event. First time it went to Ede Tiffán and the Bartók Béla Male Choir.