5 facts you surely do not know about Kopar

Always many stories are attached to Kopar. Connected to the pre booking of Kopar 2017 we share some trivia which maybe not everybody knows about the wine.  

This is the common in all Kopars since 2007

In the past more than 2 decades the basic concept didn’t change but some minor modifications happened during the years. At the start Cabernet Sauvignon was the decisive variety in the blend and this changed in 2007. Since then Cabernet Franc has the main role and merlot dominates beside it. Sauvignon’s part is cca. 10%. Since the same year – in favour of the fruitier taste – we age it in small and big barrels both.

What inspired it? 

In the first half of the 90’s several wine makers of Villány paid attention to the wines made from the so-called Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc andMerlot. A team of wine makers travelled to Bordeaux for a study tour. They returned home with many experiences. Visiting the great chateaus and tasting the wines there had a deep impression on them. Based on the experiences he had there Attila Gere created the first Kopar in 1997.

Is there Kopar in all around the world? 

The most important was always the Hungarian market and consumers and this didn’t change since the beginning. But there is interest to our wines in abroad too which is always a great joy. It is not only good for us but this way foreigners can get acquainted with Hungarian wines a little bit more. There are some really surprising countries where Kopar was exported one or several times: Iceland or Brazil but also to: China, USA, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, UK, Bulgaria.

Whether Madonna tasted Kopar?

Some years ago we were in London and visited that wine shop that kept Gere wines that time. They told that Madonna just had a concert in the town and her manager bought a bottle of Kopar from them. It is unknown that finally Madonna got the wine and tasted it or not but maybe once we will have the chance to ask her. 🙂

When a Kopar beats a100-point Pétrus

James Suckling has been writing and editing Wine Spectator magazine since 1991. Once one of his friends invited him to a dinner to the famous and expensive Campanile restaurant. The only rule was that everyone brought a wine to taste it blind together with the meals, and those two who brought the two worst bottles paid the entire bill. Obviously, nobody wanted to lose so everyone brought very good wines. Finally it was an unexpected surprise that one of the two worst bottles was a 100-point Château Pétrus 1989, which was bought for $1,300 at an auction. As Suckling admitted, our Kopar Cuvée 2000 was a big positive surprise for him in that evening.