Introducing the new vintage of SOLUS!

The new 2018 vintage of Solus was introduced to the market recently. Our top merlot from the Kopar vineyard was created in 2000 the first time by Attila Gere. Only made from the best vintages, the 2018 Solus had more than an additional year of ageing in the bottle. We felt that the tastes, textures are matured enough reaching a level only now and we thought this is the right time to release this wonderful wine.

It is said quite often of the serious Villány reds that they showcase a fruity youthfulness and ready to be enjoyed in their early age, however only as time passes they reveal their full glory to the ones who wait.

No exception with the 2018 Solus, as it possesses a fruity character which makes us forget what longevity lies beneath the surface. With time, along the primary, secondary and tertiary aromas appear, its tannins become even more refined, creating finally a really complex example full of finesse and elegance. Compared to the previous 2017 vintage they mainly differ in vintage-defined character. As 2017 was a warm vintage, the Sun shined a lot and less rain fell, wines became fuller and warmer. Year 2018 we rank among the balanced years as opposed to the bolder 2017. This year’s Solus is round, refined, harmonic and beautifully structured.

A year before his unfortunate and well mourned passing, Steven Spurrier the famous international wine expert and merchant visited us in January 2020 and tasted Solus 2018 giving it 18,5 points on his 20 points scale and wrote: „Black red, really finely concentrated Merlot and better tannins than expected, will be a total vineyard wine of stunning quality.” We are happy to had the chance meeting him and that he liked so much one of our great prides – the Solus.

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