2018 Kopar Pre-Order

By pre-ordering Kopar you’re buying a ticket to an adventure into the world of mature reds. Having the chance for years to come to select a bottle from the wooden case of 12, uncork it, taste it and to experience its development, its gradual progress to maturity, is an experience on its own. The upcoming 2018 Kopar is the fruit of a balanced vintage and this is reflected in the sophistication, the depth of flavours, the abundance of fruits, the elegance and harmony the wine offers.

1997 was the first vintage of Kopar. Ever since the wine has only been bottled in the best vintages, so this is its 17th edition. Tasting the 17 vintages side by side accurately maps out its stylistic evolution. We have learnt a lot in the past decades and this learning process is well reflected in the wines. The early bottlings may seem a bit rustic but after the millennium the wines become rounder and softer, supplemented with the hallmark structure and finesse to spare . Oak management has improved but what is perhaps even more important we have moved towards a more conscious approach to farming practices over the past decades and this resulted in grapes of even finer quality. Starting from 2010 the vineyards are farmed organically and yield control is stricter than before. Today’s Kopars come from vines yielding just 5-6 bunches.

From the very beginning we have set aside some bottles of Kopar, so that their evolution in bottle could be traced. It is only natural that by now our stocks from the first vintages are rather low. Fortunately, we were not the only ones who laid down a few bottles and we are happy to see that from time to time collectors and merchants organize vertical Kopar tastings and publish their findings thus providing customer feedback on their ageing and development. Tastes, of course, differ, so everyone seems to have a different favourite vintage but one thing is beyond doubt: the 1997, even after a quarter of a century, is standing strong and offers great drinking pleasure.

Kopars are still young when they are released and even though they might provide a lot of joy in this fruity and vigorous phase one should not forget that these are wines that benefit a lot from extended ageing.

Therefore we strongly recommend to our customers to be patient and to lay down their bottles under proper storing conditions. The slow maturation over the years will make the wines grow in sophistication and elegance. With time tannins become velvetier and the aromas show increased complexity. This is why pre-ordering 12 bottles is such a tremendous opportunity, each year you can open a bottle or two and study the unfolding beauty of these great wines.

2018 Kopar pre-order:

Scheduled pre-order period: October 20 to November 20, 2021.
We can only accept orders for 12 bottle wooden boxes.
During the pre-order period the price of a bottle is HUF 6.200, that is HUF 74.400 for a 12 bottle box.

During the pre-order period for orders of 2 boxes, that is 24 bottles customers will receive a bottle of 2018 Gere Kopar Magnum (1,5 L) as a gift.

The scheduled release date for the 2018 Gere Kopar is May 16, 2022.


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