Attila 2012 – The Library Collection



Blending may well be the most subjective element in the process of winemaking. This is why it’s so exciting.At our estate there is a well-established method of doing it. We proceed systematically, starting with the top category, so first the potential lots for blending the Attila Cuvée are chosen. As we take our seats for the session each of us has got one vote. The question to be answered is should the sample in our glasses be included in the Attila, and there are two possible answers, ”Yes” and ”No”. The blend is created by determining the proportions of each base wine.

There is no fixed recipe for the Attila, it is always blended with the highest proportion of the variety that has performed best in the vintage. What makes it all so exciting is the fact that although we have developed the style of the estate together over the years through many tastings, there are still some intriguing differences in the way we approach wine as a goal and a phenomenon. For Attila Gere, the main consideration is the finish and the complexity. He always thinks long-term, he sees the ageing curve in 5, 10, 15 years’ time or longer. Andrea Gere focuses on the fruit character in the wine, looking for elegance and complexity throughout. For Attila Gere Jr, ripeness, a powerful character and structure are the firm foundations for a wine true to the style of the region.

2012 was an outstanding vintage. It was never a question whether the Attila should be made. The wine was born, it was released, and since then newer vintages of this wine have been released too. But until now, we have been keeping a secret. In minuscule quantities, but we have also bottled different versions of the 2012 Attila Cuvée which had never been released independently before. These are wines that reflect the differences between our individual tastes. We are now going back to this vintage from ten years ago, because we believe this exceptional vintage deserves the time invested in it. In an extremely limited edition, we present Attila 2012 – The Library Collection which shows the 2012 vintage of Attila from four different perspectives.

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