Kopar 2020 subscription

2020 was a year like no other, how could anyone forget that it was the year of the pandemic and the lockdown. Here in Villány and all over the world. Our restaurant was closed to guests, so the chefs and kitchen team moved their workplace to the vineyard. Being a part of the Kopar harvest and experiencing it all strengthened their bond with the winery’s iconic wine.

The 2020 vintage is all about opulent fruit. While the previous vintage, 2019, had a firmer character, 2020 is strikingly appealing and approachable even at this tender age.

This year’s Kopar subscription campaign starts on 18 September and runs until 18 October. It provides a unique opportunity to buy a limited edition of 12 bottles in wooden cases at a discounted price. Kopar 2020 is a stunningly perfumed, fruity wine that shows elegance, harmony and offers a great ageing potential. This year’s blend is extremely enticing with its rich fruit character. The long ageing potential is of course on par with previous releases.

Subscription period: 18 September 2023 – 18 October 2023.
The offer is valid only for unopened 12-bottle cases.

Price of one bottle during the subscription period: HUF 6.063 + VAT/ bottle (gross 7700 HUF/ bottle)
For orders of 2 cases, i.e. 24 bottles, you will receive 1 bottle of Kopar Magnum (1,5l) as a gift.

Delivery of the pre-ordered lots begins on 1 March 2024 which is also the date when the wine is launched. Free delivery within the country.



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