James Suckling’s favourite Gere wine is the 2012 Attila Cuvée

One of the most renowned international wine experts has published a report on Hungary, evaluating nearly three hundred wines. Born in the USA and now based in Hong Kong, James Suckling’s website is regarded as an authoritative source of information by wine lovers, wine collectors and wine merchants around the world. After tasting our wines, he awarded the 2012 Attila Cuvée the highest score of 94 points, but several of our other top wines also scored over 90 points.

Suckling’s career was defined by the nearly 30 years he spent as one of the editors of the popular American wine magazine, Wine Spectator. Hired as an assistant editor in Los Angeles in 1981, he moved to Paris four years later to set up and run the magazine’s European headquarters. In 2010, he decided to go it alone and to reach his readers directly through modern platforms, he launched JamesSuckling.com, which now boasts a quarter of a million wine reviews. Based in Hong Kong, the team reviews more than 20,000 wines a year and publishes regular regional reports.

Having tasted our portfolio, he has awarded the highest score, 94 points, to the 2012 Attila Cuvée. In the rating system used by JamesSuckling.com, wines rated 90 or higher are considered outstanding. These are wines that the reviewers enjoy drinking and recommend to their readers without reservations. The 2012 Attila Cuvée is made up of 50% Cabernet Franc, 35% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged for over a decade, the wine was made available again last year in limited quantities as part of the Attila 2012 The Library Collection. Two of the four different 2012 Attila variations, the ones blended by Andrea and Attila Jr, are unique in the history of the winery. The last few batches of this special selection are still available in our webshop.

The current 2017 vintage of Attila Cuvée has also received an excellent review with 93 points. The 2017 Attila Cuvée, like its predecessors, was made from the best grapes harvested in the Kopár, Konkoly and Ördögárok vineyards, and was aged in barrels for 16 months, followed by extended bottle ageing. There were three more wines that scored an outstanding 92 points: „Andrea” from the 2012 Attila series, Solus from 2020 and Kopar from the same vintage.


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