Vintage Report 2023

Following the drought affected 2022 vintage, this year brought plenty of rain. The winter was characterised by relatively high temperatures and rainfall, followed by a cooler period in the spring. This summer saw long periods of wet weather coupled with pleasantly warm spells, which meant hard work in the vineyard to protect the crop from fungal disease. It was essential that vineyard work was carried out in a timely and accurate manner to ensure that the quality and quantity of the grapes were not compromised.

This year the harvest started on 21 August, which is not too early compared to recent vintages. Both the quality and quantity of the harvest exceeded our expectations, so the hard work to compensate for the difficulties of the growing season has paid off. The grapes for our rosé, light red and white wines were harvested first, followed by those for the full-bodied red wines. During the harvest we had beautiful warm weather, which allowed us to choose the ideal harvest dates. The final phase of the harvest was completed on 18 October.

All in all, it’s been a vintage of many challenges, but we’ve been rewarded with a harvest of very high quality. The 2023 vintage will be remembered for a long time, both from a viticultural and oenological point of view.


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