Latin girl – Enyedi Sugárka

Friday evening the Enyedi Sugárka JazzTett plays in GERE Jazz Festival. We made an interview with Enyedi Sugárka, the singer of the band.

Where your love of Latin music came from ?

When I was 12 I was sure that I wanted to be a jazz singer. I listened to Brazil and Cuban music earlier than Sting. From Latin music I got to the amazing Latin Jazz standards through swing and mainstream jazz. Just some names among my plenty of favorites: José Antonio Mendez, Buena Vista Social Club, Diego El Cigala. Establishing Enyedi Sugárka Jazz Tett almost happened the same time that I started to search the original Spanish language songs. I wrote my own lyrics, music with the aim to work in the freshness of dancing vibes into most of our jazz compositions dipping from the vault of Latin music.

How would you describe the style you play?

Our musical style is between jazz and world music, mostly with the tunes of South-American, Spanish and Mexican music world. Light, but still deepened, original compositions with personal stories, for which I also select some worldwide singles, mainly from the Latin continent. Tangó, bossa nova, samba, flamenco styles are also occur in our songs.

What is it mean for you that you appear on Gere Jazz Festival?

I take part on this famous and high standard event first time. I am happy that those who established it support my favorite genre – jazz, and familiarize it with the audience. Many people think up to this day that jazz is a hard to consume, abstract art, so keep aloof from it. In my point of view this is one of the most open genres, which is melodious and energetic, and enables the musician and the audience to chill, enjoy the moment. It can be only good for everybody to get acquainted with jazz music, moreover in the neighborhood of nature. I am happy that we can play in such wonderful environment. Nearness of nature always enhances my happiness. I adore singing under summer sky.

Do you have connection to wines?

In the aspect of wines gourmandism guides me. I always laugh when the company miscredits how less quantity I consume from alcohol and how rare. Though according to telling there was a big alarm in the family when in the age of 4 on one of the family celebrations it turned out that I was not sipping from my own glass, and not juice, but spritzer… Most likely I was curious!

Anyway I like creativity. On the area of cooking I got acquainted with a whole new world, when I started to discover the receipts with wine.

What kind of wines do you like?

I started getting acquainted with wines with rosé. For those light suppers what I made it matched well. Later I liked fragrant white wines but this had only a short career at me, because I like dry reds most.  I like full bodied, aged wines and the lighter fruity too. This kind of diversity delights me in gastronomy too. Among Gere wines Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique has a big chance to become one of my favorites. I will taste it on the festival!