The freedom of improvisation – Veronika Harcsa

Gere Jazz Festival will be opened by Veronika Harcsa and Bálint Gyémánt on Friday. Each Hungarian concert of the singer who spent more and more time in abroad is a real special event. In the performance of Veronika charm and intellect coupled by refined singing technique. The skilled guitar play of Bálint Gyémánt makes these perfect.   The origin of their several collective concerts is that high level attuned to each other which can be felt from their musical conversation telling new each time from concert to concert.

Where did your love of music come from?

Music is part of my life since my childhood, because my parents took me to conservatory when I was 7 and sometimes we went to classical music concerts. But the real commitment happened when I got acquainted with the freedom of jazz and improvisation. As teenager – instead of piano lessons – I started to learn the tougher saxophone, and in connection with this instrument I got the first jazz LP. It was love at first listen.

Choosing musical career was a process for me when I dared to say, yes, I wanted this. In high school I went to math class and for a while it seemed I will choose IT career which ensure safe life. But music started to be more determining, and I was 21 when I finally made the decision and applied to the Conservatory College.

How would you describe the musical style what you play?

As contemporary improvisation music.  For Bálint and me jazz is important, but we also listen to alternative music, classics, electronic and these all affect us.

What is it means to you that you will perform on Gere Jazz Festival this year?

I performed in Villány many times and in 2011 at Gere Winery in a wine festival. No doubt: jazz and wine is a good match and I am happy, that a new festival is based on this topic, and in such wonderful environment as Villány.

Do you have connection to wine?

We had our wedding last September in Etyek, harvest time, next to vines. After the ceremony the bridal party picked a barrel of tasty grape, and dancing with my husband we beat it, then everybody tasted the fresh must. This was our ritual.

Furthermore my husband organized to one of our first dates that one of his wine maker friend take us to a Tokaj slope at sunset, where we tasted the wines of the grapes growing there. It was a timeless night, we listened the stories of the wine maker, while we watched through the oily wall of the wine glass the beautiful colors of the Sun going down in the valley.

My favorites are cabernet franc, syrah, a sauvignon blanc, and I like Rioja wines very much.  And when I performed at Gere Attile Winery in 2011 autumn, we tasted the actual Kopar – very nice memory!