One of the world’s more prestigious and oldest car clubs, the Rolls-Royce International Club and Bentley Enthusiasts (RREC) is launching a new publication entitled „Strive for Perfection: The Royal Edition”.

The publication – produced by the time-honoured publisher St James’s House – celebrates the year of Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th birthday with articles on the close ties between royalty and Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars.

It is in this beautifully designed, 400-page hardback book that the Gere Attila Winery received an entry. The article entitled „Hungary heart” offers a summary of the four-decade history of the Villány winery. Beyond details of their winemaking technology and the organic farming practices the article highlights the creation of Kopar, the first fine wine produced in Hungary following the fall of Communism. The hotel run by the family and Andrea Gere’s Skin Care line of cosmetics are also mentioned.

“We felt privileged to honour the request of St James’s House to contribute to a book that celebrates the 95th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen and is hallmarked by a brand that stands for tradition and timeless values like Rolls-Royce. This is a company that has achieved success through its own unfaltering efforts and stands above the ever-changing and short-lived fads. We have always believed that commitment to uncompromising, long-term work, to perfectionism and quality is the only way to integrity and the only road worth taking”, relates Kristóf Csizmadia.

The articles in this publication cover a variety of subjects and were authored by motoring experts and award-winning writers. You can read about the royal British motor cars, the Hampton Court Concours of Elegance event, which showcases some of the rarest cars from all over the world and also about the cars of the Maharajas.

It also features a premium lifestyle guide with expertly selected top quality brands giving readers an insight into the world of luxury food, products and experience.

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